Software licensing API

License.IO is a platform that handles software license creation, confguration, validation, expiration and renewal for your products. Hosted in the cloud or on your own servers.

API first

Everything you can do in License.IO can be done through our API or on the dashboard.


Extensive documentation guides and API references will help you get started.


Get notified when your licenses are updated so you can react accordingly.


Our easy to use dashboard allows complete management of your account.

A complete licensing solution

At we're building a platform that grants, verifies, manages and expires software license keys for your products. We take the pain out of software licensing so you can focus on your business.

Online & Offline validation

Licenses are signed with your private key. With the public certificate embedded in your app validation can be done completely offline. There is also a validation API endpoint.

Cloud hosted or self managed

Let us worry about server uptime and monitoring by using our cloud service or control everything yourself and deploy a standalone instance on your own servers.

SDK available

We provide Java, Javascript and Ruby SDKs (with more in the works) for validating licenses. But an SDK is not required. Any language that supports AES encryption, SHA and JSON can validate licenses.

Painless license key creation

Grant new license keys from the control panel or integrate your checkout experience with our API.

Customize license configuration

Your licenses can be fully customized to the needs of your application.

  • Configuration parameters

  • Feature flags

  • Version limits

  • Expiration times


Get an overview of your customer base, see how well your applications are performing and keep track of licenses that will soon expire.


Get notified about license events via email and Slack or build a custom notification channel based on your webhooks protocol.

It's free until you go live

As long as your applications are in development mode you don't pay. Switch over to a paid plan once you enable live mode for an application.

Stay up to date

We're not ready for public access yet but if you leave your email address we'll notify you when we are.